Hi Janice,
We would like to thank you for the wonderful care you give our dog, Rowdy.  
We really appreciate the kindness you have shown him and the other dogs you own and dog sit.
Rowdy knows your vehicle and sits by the window and waits for you every day, and misses you the days we don’t need a
dog sitter.  Our neighbors can not believe how he runs to meet you and jumps in your vehicle, ready to go.
We know he is getting excellent care when he is with you.  We never worry about Rowdy when he is with you.
Dogs are very smart and he trusts you completely.  
Thank you so much for taking excellent care of all the dogs you dog sit.
I will definitely recommend you to anyone needing a dog sitter.
I am sure he and the other dogs appreciate having a bigger yard to run and play in. 
Rowdy loves going to Janice’s for the day or overnight.  
Thank you Again,
Mitz and Bette

 Henry is so going to miss Janice. He was a miniature schnauzer who suffers from separation anxiety. At Janice's there was no shivering or yip, yips. Thanks Janice for being there and take such good care of Henry. We'll see you next year! 

Thank you so very, very much for the TLC treatment you gave Ladybug and Blondie, my Lhasa and Labrador. I've had to travel for business and board my dogs for some 25 years, and an owner knows immediately upon picking their pets how successful the pet sitting situation has been. Let me tell you: returning from this vacation has been one of the most successful because I could tell immediately how normal and calm my dogs were. After the normal meet and greet upon returning to pick them up, they were both extremely relaxed, calm, peaceful, and totally undisturbed about being transported back home and their normal lives. They immediately resumed their normal habits and acted as if nothing unusual at all had happened in their lives. I'm suspecting they're even bored by being back home instead of over at your place with your canine friends. As neither dog had been boarded or separated from me before, I consider it a miracle that neither is exhibiting any sign of separation anxiety. And the Lab is a rescue animal, no less. I would wholeheartedly recommend your services to any friend in need. Your service is so superior to normal boarding services and a genuine relief to someone who feels traumatized every time they have to board a pet. Thank you again for adding this measure of pleasure to my vacation. It's only fair that if I get to go off and play, my pets get to do the same with someone they love with pets they can play with. Very sincerely, Ruth McClure

My little Lola and Gracie were always excited in the wee morning hours to go to Janice's house. They knew once we turned the corner on her street their reaction to seeing Janice at the was sleays a hoot! Thry would start their tails wagging and barking. All I had to do was open my car door they would run straight for her door and when I picked them I had tired happy little dogs who had played all day and most of all loved like no other. Thank you Janice! Much love always Tracy, Lola, and Gracie

We were very excited about Janice and her dog day care. We had never left our dogs with anyone and Janice impressed us greatly. Her love of dogs is evident and we knew they would be well cared for and they were. Prices are reasonable and I just wish we would be here longer to use her services again. Thanks - Mother of Makons and Otto  P.J. Wester

 Steve and I were Janice's neighbors for January and February. We met all of the dogs..They were all well behaved and quiet...Janice does an awesome job. We call her the lady dog whisperer 
Steve & Joni

Janice: Nikolas and JoJo loved coming and staying with you...They were so excited the 2nd day they both ran inside the gate and never looked back. It makes us feel our pets a being taken care of and loved. Thank you for caring Nikolas and JoJo, Verba Abbott

My yellow lab Mya,stayed a few days at Happy Puppy Paradise during our time at Golden Village and really enjoyed her time there.Each day that we would walk by Mya would pull me in to visit and to say hello.I was very happy to know that my baby was well cared for while we took off for a few days of sight-seeing in the area. Next year we are hoping to leave Mya for a few days to attend a family function. If I wasn't completely confident that she was in good hands I wouldn't leave her. Thanks Janice ...see you next year!  Judy Jordon

Janice you are amazing. I don't know how you were able have a doggie overnighter with our 7 beasts. They must have had a ball because they were totally worn out when I got home. Good luck and keep up the good work. You'll see us again soon. Bruce

I have been a friends of Janice for about 10 years. She has done our Web sight for our business and we have watched her dogs for 12 and 15 days at a time in her transaction move to California. Her 2 dogs Christdee and Freckles are lovers and get along with other dogs on a very playfull and loving way. She is great with the animal world. We would leave our loving babies with her any time. She is awesome. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me.  Claire Coop

I have known Janice for about 15 years She is one of the only people that has watched my dog. Moonie is my service dog . I would not have got Moonie if it would not have been for Janice. Both our dogs Mo & Moonie have played & love Freckles & Christdee Janice too of course,
Pearl Lilley

I've know Janice for at least 20 years. She is a very compassionate, loving person. Her dogs, Christdee and Freckles are very well-behaved. I had her take care of one of my dogs when she lived here while my husband and I did some traveling. When we got back, Jack was house- trained and did a few tricks. After that it was play dates with Christdee and Freckles at least once a week. I only wished she was still here so we could have play- dates once again. Geri Wells

I have been friends with Janice for over twenty years and know her love for dogs.Her dogs are very well behaved she shows them a lot of love, She has found good homes for many dogs people had to get rid of for some reason. That is how I come to have my little buddy Toby. Janice has taken care of him for a week at a time he had such a good time I don't think he missed me at all.
Eunice Fitzgerald


Our two dogs get excited when we arrive at Janice's. She is very caring and gives them lots of love and attention. 

Alfie & Corkie's owners
Hi Janice - 
 I had a lot of fun today at your house.  Your rates are so reasonable that I get to come play with the other dogs often.  I get so much activity that when I come home I sleep for two days!!  Thank you for letting me come and play with the other "playmates."  (And your house looks very nice, too.)

Hi Janice,,, Thank you so much for taking such good care of Harley while we were in Hemet.  Because of your service we were able to take a few day trips. Your pick up service worked out great and when we picked up Harley , his tail was always wagging.  When we are back next year, we will certainly be in touch so we can schedule Harley for more stays at Happy Puppy Paradise.   Best Regards, Judy from Oregon

Janice has been looking after our 3 1/2 year old Portuguese Water Dog Kasi for our 3 seasons. Even though Kasi does not see Janice for 9 months each year she recognizes Janice and runs to greet her when we first arrive and every time we see her. Janice loves all her dogs, promotes play and socialization, while providing a safe and secure environment. We never worry about Kasi as she is well cared for and loved.
 Whether first timers or repeat customers Janice will keep you posted on how you dog is doing through email or photos and daily web site videos.
We highly recommend Janice to look after your dog.
Richard and Sil

Dear Janice, Thank you for being so patient & kind to me as I mature. I know as I grow up I will be a better pup because of you. Will miss you but hope to see you again 
next year. If there is"room at the inn" Tucker

Graham, Brenda & Taco (written by Brenda)
Hi Janice You know if I could somehow bring you home with me I would. You are one of the only people that I trust to take care of my dog. She just gets so excited to see you and your van come around and pick up the lucky dogs for the day. We left her with you for several overnight stays and was very pleased with her care. You treat all your happy pups as if they were your own. Dogs are very smart - and they chose you as their second mom. I would never hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs a safe and happy place for their dog.
One of the best things about coming to Hemet every year is knowing that when we bring our dog Taco with us, that our vacation is her vacation.  When we want to get away, either a day trip, a weekend in Palm Springs or a future cruise - I know that leaving her with Janice is the right thing to do.  Our dog loves Janice soooo much.  Sometimes, I think I am jealous.   LOL  Brenda