All dog services will be going thru Dogvacay.
email me
Call or Text me at 951.977.0663
Once your in the site you will see WHERE  then type in Sun City, Menifee, CA and I should come right up, click on my page and once your in there your in so you will be able to take care of your booking,
You will then be able to book your
appointments and pay for your visit right here online.  You will be communicating with me thru the whole process and i can still offer special quotes.
And my pay for 6 visits get 7th free coupon is available.
Members of HPP will get their special quotes.
I really love Dogvacay and love that insurance is on your dog for coming here,
thanks for your patients as we move on ito the computer side of booking your visits.
I love it you will too.
Thanks again Janice

click my doggie logo above to see whats goin on!
We've got DOGGIE Insurance!
Never have needed it
-knock on wood-
But as we all know its a good thing.